All our services are based upon our experience and solutions attending, with high level of success, the Hispanic Market. We have our own technology to cover in/outbound call center processes.

We have more than 15 years of experience, contacting existing and potential customers of the Hispanic Community. We have updated contact data bases and we know how to provide the best customer services.

The secret of Full Value Contact Center is the process of personal selection that we implemented to integrate our team. We care about the continuous training, to be in the best technical level and obtain special motivation for all the agents that are part of our company.

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Inbound Sales

We have the best team to conduct different types of inbound campaigns with neutral accent and unique commitment.

Our experimented agents are trained in such a way that they know very well how to reach the closing stage of each connection. Our slogan is “Help us to turn each leads into sales”.

We know very well the Hispanic market because we spent more than 15 years, working on it, with our personnel, our own call centers and the most important our own technology.

We can provide the following specific advantages in all our operations: Expertise, Efficiency, Flexibility , technology and transparency.

Outbound Sales

Our team is also trained to conduct outbound campaigns and we know very well the different reactions of the persons that are interrupted with our calls. It is not easy to reach the adequate person but we do the maximum effort to communicate our sale message.

We not only are able to assist customers with account questions, but also successfully selling them different types of products and services.

Managing an integrated multimedia contact center oriented to the Hispanic market is a complex and demanding job. This is why more and more companies are choosing our Full Value Contact Centers Our company has developed its expertise in handling electronic contact thank to more 15 years of managing customer relationships over distance.

Customer Service

We have the customer service skills and understanding of the growing U.S. Hispanic market needed to handle both Inbound and Outbound Services calls for corporate needs.

We are very proud that many partners and companies refer to us as the one and only Hispanic customer service call center.

We have our own technology, very well trained agents, excellent level of supervision and practical experience as a result of more than a million contacts developed during more than 15 years in the Hispanic market.

With our plans of continuing education, our teams know very well all the techniques of negotiation to obtain the maximum satisfaction of all our customers.

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